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About the project


<<This World is filled with an infinity of stories—unbearable truths for most of us.
Or at least for those unable to understand their essence. Tonight I want to read a different story to you.
An incomprehensible poem. Filthy. Impious of perversions ... And who knows...
Perhaps it is this impurity that makes it so unique...>>


What does our mysterious protagonist Alexis hide behind his words? Reveal the truth concealing the city of Gris and its inhabitants by living the tales of four heroes (or victims) in this Lovecraftian adventure.



  • A hybrid between a 90s inspired RPG and a Visual Novel.

  • 5/7 hours of gameplay.

  • Experience the connection between five different stories set in May 1938.

  • System based on riddles and strategic fights against horrible creatures.

  • Gloomy pixel art graphic.

Client: Sezhes

Year: 2020

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